My top 10 of ’15: the stats

I read more books in 2015 than ever before. Here are the stats:

62 books read in 2015 (tbeating my old record by three)

14,209 pages read (the fifth most I’ve ever read, with my overall record being 17,864)

Year: 1943 was the average publication year for the books on this year’s list

Gender: I read 35.5 male authors and 26.5 female authors.

Nationality: I read 27 American authors and 27 English authors, with the rest being Greek, German, Israeli, Irish, Trinidadean and French. (This is a continual problem for me; I really need to improve diversity in my reading list.)

Genre: 19 of the books were literature; 12 were bio/essays; eight were mysteries; seven were poetry; four were graphic novels; three were humor; and the rest were philosophy, history, children’s, spiritual, photography and business.


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