Bell Towers

I’ve just begun reading the Selected Letters of Vanessa Bell, edited by Regina Marler. In a 1903 letter (Vanessa would’ve been 24), she refers to Sargent teaching a class of hers at the Royal Academy; Marler highlights the names of those of her classmates who went on to professional careers. Sadly, most of their work isn’t represented on the internet (at least, not that I could find on a quick search), but some of the examples below provide great context for Vanessa’s own oeuvre, highlighting Vanessa’s independence, skill and vision.

Daisy Radcliffe Beresford

Beresford, Daisy Radcliffe, 1879-1939; Interior of the Great Hall, Guildhall, London
Beresford, Daisy Radcliffe; Interior of the Great Hall, Guildhall, London; City of London Corporation;

Catherine Ouless

Ouless, Catherine, 1879-1961; Esther Burrows, Principal (1893-1910)
Ouless, Catherine; Esther Burrows, Principal (1893-1910); St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford;

Ethel F. Everett


Vanessa Bell



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